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Blueberry-Basil Muffins

Currently, I’m sitting at my aunt and uncle’s dining room table in Boulder while eating a breakfast bowl of oatmeal (I say breakfast bc I could literally be eating oatmeal anytime of the day) and listening to French pop songs as I write this (#multitaskingQUEEN). If you want to see what I’m eating/making/doing in realtime,… Continue reading Blueberry-Basil Muffins

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Giveaway: Made Fare Co. Granola Crackle!

Giveaway! Attention healthy snack food lovers: Want to win some delicious, wholesome granola? I’ve partnered with Made Fare Co. and they are giving away 2 bags of their Granola Crackle–one for you and one to share with your friends. I actually discovered their amazing Granola Crackle at a local farmer’s market and fell in love… Continue reading Giveaway: Made Fare Co. Granola Crackle!

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Vanilla Crunch Granola + Berry Smoothie Bowl!

So this posting everyday thing…I am obviously not succeeding at….YET. To quote a song my 8th grade cousin’s band The Epic Quadricorns played at a competition last night (btw they rocked and got 2nd place!) : “Don’t stop believin’!” And that’s what I’m going to do, continue belieiving I can post something everyday for this month. I… Continue reading Vanilla Crunch Granola + Berry Smoothie Bowl!